Hiveos payment for 5+ workers - for free accounts

Greetings fellow miners,

I am new to hiveos and I had for the past 2 weeks a rig in hiveos under a free account containing 4 workers/gpus. I mine etherum on hiveon pool using phoenixminer.

Now I added a new rig with 2 more workers/gpus under the same farm and I see it is still saying Free for the daily price.
I dont get it … for more than 4 workers wasnt I supposed to be billed ?

And this billing is executed automatically ? like hiveos will retain the fees from my mining or I need to pay it manually ?

Best Regards,

Sorry for the delayed reponse!

Think of a worker as a motherboard, not as a GPU. You can have 1 worker (motherboard) with 50 GPUs, and it would be free on HiveOS.

So in this situation, you are still using a free account since you are mining to the ETH Hiveonpool. You can have up to 4 Workers (motherboards) on one account, and at 5 workers (motherboards), it would be $3 per rig.

So congrats, you’re still free! :smiley: