HiveOS won't boot past GRUB Screen after adding 5th GPU

So I have a Z390-A Pro, I am able to get 4 cards running on it stable with no issues, however when I add the 5th, Im running into an issue. I have already enabled 4g encoding, tried gen 1,2 and 3, disabled csm and switched to UEFI and I am able to boot all the way up to the blue GRUB screen. However whether I let it boot on its own or if I select Hive, all I get after that is a black screen and the rig is not detected in my dashboard. I feel as if my bios settings are correct since I can get to GRUB atleast, does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? I was thinking maybe the BIOS needs an update so Im going to grab an extra flash drive tomorrow and test that but would love any other opinions on what the issue may be! Thank you!

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Did you resolve this? I got same issue.