HiveOS won't OC 3060Ti

for several months now I’ve been trying to OC this 3060Ti, I’ve done everything I can think of, reflash, set OC with MSI Afterburner, unlock controls on MSI Afterburner, but nothing works, I have 4 other 3060Ti on same rig and they all accept HiveOS OC settings but not this one. The only thing I can think of is that this may have been a gpu that my son used for gaming when we first got it, is it possible MS Windows 10 did something to it?

is it bios modded ?

No, I asked my son and he said he didn’t mod anything. I even downloaded one of the other 3060Ti bios that are OC successfully, which are untouched stock bios and reflashed that stock bios onto this card, issue was still the same, no OC settings being applied in HiveOS. When I reflashed card I used HiveOS functionality.

You can not flash bios from your other cards because this card is with micron memory and your other cards are all samsung. You need to find original stock bios for card with micron memory.

I have a backup of the bios on that card from before I flashed it, I can restore that backup, it would be the stock bios that came with the card.

well put the original back then.

Still same results, no OC settings go into effect on HiveOS, I’m going to check with Nvidia and see what they say.