How can I setup Binance Pool on HiveOS?

Hi I started to miner and I would like to know how setup Binance Pool on HiveOS. I setup with videos in youtube but I’m not seen any data in Statistics on my Pool on Binance. Please, anyone could help me?

Follow the instructions in the Youtube video very closely;

  • I have this running for several months without any problems.
  • The “Address” in your HiveOS Wallet MUST exactly match the name of your Binance Mining Account (you may need to create a Binance mining account if you just have a normal Binance Trading account, it is very easy).

Mining statistics in Binance should update after a few minutes once it is configured correctly.

Flight Sheet;

Search Youtube for " Mining with HiveOS on BinancePool" by Fox Mining (dated 9th Jan 2021) - it won’t let me post a direct link here

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Thanks @Batfink you solved my problem! Thanks a lot

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