How do you set CORE STATE (DPM) on rx5700?

Hi guys!! I’m a newbie in mining and I have a modest rig with two cards, one rx580 and one rx5700. In HiveOS I can set the core state (DPM) for the rx580 in the overclocking tab but I don’t see the option in the OC tab of the rx5700. How do you set this option for this GPU?? Thanks in advance

Hi. Same here, I am new, and also noticed that I don’t see/know how to set DPM for rx5700 thru OC settings. But what I found out is if I go to popular presets and select one with DPM 5 I can use it and after that change other settings how I want and it stays on DPM 5. At the moment I don’t know how to set it to 5 by myself without using popular presets.