How the * do I add funds without insane fees?

The payment method instructions seem lacking at best. I decided I will pay to the personal address deposit. Not sure if it is the right way or not…but since I only need to add like $10, I can ‘risk’ it. I want to send USDC for that sweet 3% bonus. So I bought some USDC…which with fees was somehow $20 (19 and change). Then I add the address from the personal address deposit.

$54 in etherum block chain fees to send HiveOS $10 of USDC.

What. The. What.

Is there an idiot’s guide to sending money? With how difficult this is, it is looking easier to just install a new OS than to continue to deal with Hive. Which isn’t what I want to do, but every day I am not mining does cost me.


Yes I have exactly the same question…I apparently owe them less than $1 for some reason and started getting warnings that today is my last day to pay. SO I go to a wallet and buy, just like you, the minimum of 10 dollars of USD-t in my case. which cost me $20. And then when I try to send $6 of it to my generated wallet to cover this tiny amount, in HiveOS account, it wants another $23 so to get 6$ in there will cost me $33
There must be an easier way. I thought about pointing my rig at that wallet for a bit - but of course most pools only pay out a minimum of say 0.1 eth which is $220 at the moment.

Why on earth do not allow FIAT payments from card. With the high fees involved in such small amounts for those with a few rigs this is just not worth it - now I will start to look for an alternative, a pity as I have really got my head around HiveOS and finally mostly understand it.

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I was thinking the same. I want to mine ETH and have the reward deposited to the ‘Personal address deposit’ address. I do not know if it will work and I also created a topic for this.

If this works I could point of of my rigs to mine on 2miners. Payment treshold is 0.05 ETH.

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I tried to make a payment via BEP20 cos of the low fees… but it seems that i’ve sacrified the funds xD

I bought in the expensive way paying GAS fees - and when it runs out in the next month or so I am ready to switch to minerstat, who take regular FIAT. Drives ready to swap out. I love HiveOS but the fees for small -miners sub 1GH/s and the lack of general support has driven me out. Who knows maybe the grass is not greener on the other side but I will find out soon enough

you can choose coinpayments as payment provider and add LTC wallet address, then buy some LTC and send to that address to add funds. it only costed me 0.001 LTC to send $20 via Binance

In the billing section from HiveOS there is an option to refill by using ‘personal address deposit’. What I did, I mined ETH on 2miners and the reward (0.5 ETH) is send to that ETH deposit address.