How the * do I add funds without insane fees?

The payment method instructions seem lacking at best. I decided I will pay to the personal address deposit. Not sure if it is the right way or not…but since I only need to add like $10, I can ‘risk’ it. I want to send USDC for that sweet 3% bonus. So I bought some USDC…which with fees was somehow $20 (19 and change). Then I add the address from the personal address deposit.

$54 in etherum block chain fees to send HiveOS $10 of USDC.

What. The. What.

Is there an idiot’s guide to sending money? With how difficult this is, it is looking easier to just install a new OS than to continue to deal with Hive. Which isn’t what I want to do, but every day I am not mining does cost me.