How to correct stale

I am doing mining for the last 14 days. before my stale was 2% but in these 14 days last 3 days I had an electricity issue here and the light was closed every day for 3 hours, 5 hours sometime 10 minutes. so my machine was going on/off,

and stale increase to 3.50% how can i correct this, as i checked rules that if it reaches 5% so i will get banned from mining from pool or i will face banning problems.

kindly help and suggest, i have just installed hiveOs and connected rig with internet my ethernet cable is 20-30 Feet long and my modem is in the lobby rig is in the basement.

one screenshot is this: Capture1 — ImgBB

2nd is this

kindly look into the screenshots

Lower your OC in cards…( u also have 10 invalids)

what is OC, now i don’t have any invalid but still stale is high how to control it.

OC mean Overclocking… lower your memory…