How to find a GPU physically on the ring


How to find a GPU physically on the ring with HiveOS, for example to change it because it heats. Example the GPU 12.


You can find it by set fan control. Set 50 for all except one. It will be like 50 50 50 90 50 50 50. Then look to stats. Dont know how to explain in english :slight_smile: but i think you’ve got it.


My question is that I want to locate the 12 GPU on my RIG because I do not know what it is. For information I have an Asrock H110 PRO BTC


My friend find the right ID by changing fan speed, then open your rig and locate the card with most fast spinning coolers.


@AIVAVIA is right, set up GPU fan speed individually within your HIVE OS settings and put one at 100%, that way you can physically look at each fan and see which one is ‘buzzing it’s nuts off’ and that way you will know the physical location. Do yourself a favour, when you find out which is which, print out labels saying Hive OS 00 = 01 RX580 and HIVE OS 01 = 02 RX580 and so on. Cut out and stick on GPU card with sallotape. That way in future you know which is which without having to repeat the fan test. I did this with a Dymo Labeller and now it acts as a reference for what backup Bios and what position in HIVE OS my GPU is.

Hope that helps a bit.

@Warp I know this is off topic but what are your OC settings to have sub 100W readings from your RX580’s.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Thank you for your answers, I found my card !
@Penfold :blush:
1- I modify my BIOS with this:
2- the OCs are in the picture.

@Penfold, My turn to ask a question, can we launch 2 claymore, because on an Asrock H110, a single claymore for 13 GPU generates problems !


Hi @Warp maybe I’m being a little slow. The bios was modded with? and, I cannot see any OC’s in the pic?? I can see fan speed, temperature of gpu and the wattage. Am I missing something?

As to your question regarding launching 2 x claymore configs. I have never tried it. But, you can have two miners so in theory you can set GPU’s 0,1,2,3,4 and five to miner one. and in miner 2 you could have GPU’s 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11. I will give it a go later tonight and let you know how I get on. I know you cant have 3 miners as @HaloGenius has already been asked that in the forum somewhere.



@Penfold, sorry :smile:
I modify my BIOS with this :

  • Yes we can put 2 minor but not 2 Claymore ! You can put a Claymore and an ETHMiner, but the ETHminer is slower !!!

@Warp I really thought I was losing the plot hahahaha o:) Thank you for including your additional settings. Taking a look at the website. Need to verify they have vbios for micron memory. Thank you.

  • Must have a dabble with claymore and two miners because I think, although not 100% sure,you can do what your after if you have NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s in your rig, so why not do the same with all one make of GPU’s just by specifying which GPU’s to run under what miner. Maybe I’m completely wrong but I am going to try and see what happens. Will let you know the outcome of probably my complete and miserable attempt failure :’(


  • I can convert your micron BIOS with the program PBE 2.1, if you want.

  • To come back to claymore, it is simply because Claymore does not work well with 13 AMD GPUs. It would be nice to launch a Claymore on GPU 0,1,2,3,4,5 and another on 6,7,8,9, a, b, c.
    But it’s impossible the website does not want to put 2 Claymore!
    Who should I ask to have this change on the website ?


@Warp, that would be amazing if you could. not sure how I get my vbios to you but would appreciate any help in getting a new vbios for my micron gpu’s. Not sure if your allowed to put email address’s on here. You got Telegram? That allows you to send files and can be web based like WhatsApp.

There appears to be an Administrator @Dimafern , I think he is the main developer of HiveOS and then there is @HaloGenius who is a Moderator but gives lots of advice and help.


@Penfold -> MP


@Penfold check out it’s an easy to follow guide. If you’re using HiveOS, download the VBIOS, make a copy called MODDED_XXXXXXXXX.rom and click the ONE CLICK TIMING PATCH. Upload through HiveOS. I modded all my cards today and have them going at 31+ mh/s and all at or under 100w.

HiveOS is amazing! Just switched from SMOS. Love this OS!


@toyjb just got in and looked at message. Thank you for the info. Will certainly have a look. @Warp gave me a modded VBios but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Still investigating what happened but you getting 31+ MH/s and under 100W is awesome. I am about to move another miner with 6xMSI RX580 on it also to HiveOS from Ethos this evening so hopefully that will be 2 rigs successfully moved to HiveOS. I really really love the way this OS works and what you can see and do from the UI within a web browser. And seeing it constantly updated gives me reassurance it’s not just a one off system where anything envisaged takes months and months before we see it. Cheers again for the link.


@warp hello sir i’m new in this mining thing. I got an xfx 580 8gb and searching it looks like that pbe 2.1 is good for modding. Can you mod my bios? :slight_smile: