How to restart HiveOS after power failure?

Hello! First post here; I searched around a little and maybe this is already answered somewhere:

I’m running 0.6-153@200821 on a FinTech BT250 with 8x RX5700 XT GPUs with linked rack PSUs and a pico ATX power supply. Can anyone point me at a guide about causing that to restart after a power failure? I had a brief power outage last night, and the rig did come back up, but did not start mining. Unfortunately it also showed as offline in the portal, so I’m not sure if it really came back up, or if it hung during startup. Restarting the rig by shutting off the main board with a switch, then shutting down the PSUs hooked to the GPUs, wait, power up GPUs, wait, power up MOBO caused it to start, connect and begin mining.

It may or may not be related, but I also noticed that no OC settings were applied after restart. Manually re-applying the OC settings worked as expected and the rig is humming along now. Any guidance on where to begin with this?

Thanks in advance!