Hssh start (failed, exitcode=1)

When I try to remotely connect to one of my machines with hssh I get this error:

hssh start (failed, exitcode = 1)
Failed to start Hive shell

then I try to access Teleconsole and I get the error again:

telec start (failed, exitcode = 1)
Unable to start Teleconsole session

Any ideas to solve?

I have already solved.

I reinstalled a new image on the SSD and started over. I had to do the firstrun -f again because I got the rig parameters wrong the first time.

Only that at boot it tells me waiting for connection and it doesn’t seem to connect with the HiveOS servers, then at the end it connects and starts mining.

I am therefore able to access the Teleconsole and via Hive Shell :slight_smile: