I have change my wallet and I have lost my already mined ETH :-(

Can anybody tell me why, if I change my wallet,
I lost all ETH already mined please ?
Where is my ETH now ?

And… If I changing back to my old wallet can I receive back the mined ETH ?

Thanks all

Nobody can explain me please ?
Thanks again

Your old wallet still has the amount of ETH that was mined before the wallet change.
Once the amount of ETH mined in your new wallet reaches to 100% payout stop the miner and change back to old wallet.

Once the old wallet payout reaches 100% Payout stop the miner and change the wallet to the new one and keep using the new wallet.

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Whoauuu … greate !!!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No problem!

There’s a catch however.
Once your ETH reaches 100% payout you’ll have to shut the mining off until the payout is done and your wallet shows 0 ETH. After the payout is made you’ll have to change the wallet address again before you start mining.

Remember not to mine after 100% if you want to change the wallet or else you’ll be trapped in an endless loop of changing the wallet again and again.

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Ok I’ll do all like you tell me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot again

Actually, Hiveon pays out inactive accounts on the 28th of each month - if you have been inactive for at least one week.

So, even if you didn’t stop mining directly at the payout, you could swap and it would be paid on the 28th of March; since it is past the 21st deadline.

Oh… I didn’t know that
Thanks a lot

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