I trusted hive, then they stole $9000usd from me

Careful using Hive, the technical department themselves are refusing to release payouts to miners. After they withheld 3.1eth in July from me, they claimed that I have not been with hive for months and won’t release the payout. I’m stuck with the electrical bill and Hive kept the cash for themselves.

What happened? You stopped mining or something?

No, still mining. My “unpaid” balance kept accumulating and they never paid it. I switched to a new wallet address and it starting paying again. They claim the old wallet hasn’t been used in months and wont release the funds. This was July 26th it stopped paying.

I had the same problem, recently on hive pool. I hope that they solve this problem.

They did. The techs were not helpful and refused to pay it out. They were accusing me of using a proxy and trying to cheat the system, which I don’t even know what that means. I found an email address, and contacted their director on LinkedIn and they released the funds a week later. I hope you get yours!

Help the dude out on private message.

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They sad:
You beat blocked for breaking the rules, your steal and reject threshold exceeded 5%.

I will unblock you if you do not correct the situation you will be blocked again and will not be paid any more. Please monitor your equipment and do not exceed the permissible threshold.

So then:

Thanks for solve. And you have to explain that before announce hive pool. you have to make it cleary.

I cant see that equipament has that problem, you have to create a form to notify us before block.

On hive pool you can add funtion to pop up message and turn off automatically system. It was a internet conection problem, it was not my fault.

So then:


Can a superuser here explain what this means, it seems dev team has such a high level of knowledge and they are always on high alert to scammers, but some of us don’t even know what these rules mean, it would help if this were discussed somewhere for newbies so we don’t tweak equipment in such a way that causes this concern. can someone post a link to discussion on this thread so we may increase our knowledge and understanding so we can avoid this condition.

I am not a superuser by any means, but I do read Hiveon-pool Discord:

09/07/2021 FAQ

Payment not received
You either didn’t meet threshold on time or your wallet has been locked. This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale(5%)/invalid(8%) rate percentage for a prolonged period of time.
Check your Hiveon Dashboard’s Shares graph.
You can view it by Day, Week or even Month and review whether you have had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked. Get in touch with support supplying your wallet address for checks.