If you need a reliable responsive admin

My name is: Mike

I provide the following services

  • Flash AMD VBIOS
  • Overclock all types of cards
    -hardware consulting
  • Assemble rigs in Chicagoland area only
  • Setup network Chicagoland area only

I’m from:
USA. Illinois

I speak:
English, Sarcasm

I’m working online for you
I can work offline in Chicagoland area

Information about me:
My background, success story

Highly skilled. Highly technical. Over 25 years in tech. Managed technical projects for high level executives.

I love this stuff & spend hours researching & learning. I’m looking for a way to make a little extra doing this. I’m not looking to rip you off or take your hard earned money. Shoot me your meds & what you think is fair.

I will be responsive & easy to get in touch with.

Please contact me on

Email. Redbirdfan1@gmail.com
Discord usafmike#9257

My phone: after agreement