Is dual mining (eth+rvn) still a thing?

Hello everyone.
I’ve been all day looking for updated info on this topic, but it seems that there are no new posts on this anywhere.

I have a RTX3060 and a couple of RTX3070TI, all of them LHR.
I finally got my first paycheck (after two months of work) and now I wanted to try dualmining. I know there have been plenty of driver updates on this topic, but there are almost no forum nor video tutorials from the last month, which leads me to think dual mining maight have not been that great.

so, what is the approach you would take in my place?
switch 100% to RVN?
stay on ETH (even with LHR)
do dual mining (if so, could you please share some tutorials and config on how to do it?)

thank you in advance.

I’m a newbie so I have no idea what I’m doing lol, but my 3060 is doing dual mining. Mining only eth, I would get 34-35 Mh/s, so not terrible. You can do dual on 8GB cards, but you don’t get as much rvn as you could, and probably will only work for a little longer since you don’t have much spare ram for larger dags.

On the 3060 @ 125W I get with t-rex

ethash 20.23
Raven 11.73

thank you, I’m sort of a newbie too, as I said before, I just got my first payment.
Newbie question… is 11.76 good on rvn?
With t-rex I could get 34 on the 3060 mining eth…


I can get about 23 doing only rvn.

You can check on or another calculator, what gives you better returns. Usually the difference isnt’ much

Right now it shows 2.45 for rvn, 2.44 for eth and 2.71 (1.46 + 1.25) for eth+rvn. This is without electricity, you need to check your costs.