Is my GPU running to hot? Scared something is wrong or I'll damage it

I cant get it to go under 70-75 not matter what fan speed i do, It’s in an open case with a fun blowing on it.

Please help me with any advice. Thank you very much.

Other than the obvious of look at it and make sure its clear of dust, lint, and good air flow in the case. I would check to see if the fan is properly seated, look for damage on the fan or heat sink, dents, nicks, and cracks. Also if you feel comfortable doing it, i would remove the heat sink and clean off the junk they put on it, then re install with better thermal greese. make sure its secure, and boot it up and see if that helps. Other than that, you may need a better fan/heat sink on the card.

Some cards run hot, I know the 3080’s and 3090’s are hotter than normal, but I dont own one so Im not sure how hot. Maybe someone else has other ideas. Whats the room temp?

I have a 3080 ti FE that I had a hard time adjusting because it was getting very hot, but nowhere near 72°. More like 65/66°.
What I noticed was that when I turned down the memory a bit, it cooled down a lot better. I set the fans to 75%, or 85% if it’s a little too hot in the room, and it now runs from 54 to 60°, sometimes maximum 63°.
On the other hand, I also associated two fans, one at the back, and one at the front of the card.