Issue With +8 GPUs


I am getting a kernel panic whenever I add more then 8 GPUs to my rig. Ive tried 2 different cards (xfx 580 8gb and Powercolor rx580 8gb) and even different risers and i still get the same kernel panic. Anyone run into this before? I’m running out of ideas on what to try…


got the same issue…


Send your research efforts to learn BIOS settings


I have 4g decoding on and have tried all the GEN settings, which one am i missing?


CSM module activated?


Yea i have that activated to boot off the USB, wouldnt boot without it on


I have this motherboard (b250 mining expert) witch 13 nvdia gpu, it’s working
Have no AMD cards…

this is not sayd clear in information… this motherboard have 19 pcie… but there is working only 13 the same cards (eg 13 nvidia). And no more… !
If You like to have 19 working cards, You have to use p106 cards… nice suprise from Asus


I have a Mining Expert. Using mix brand of 570 and 580 only. Cannot get pass eight cards. if beyond eight, card is recognized that it exist, but mining won’t start. Showing blank for temp and fan speed. No hash. Anybody has same issue and fix? Thanks.


Same here, except I cannot get past 7 in my case.