Issue with Dual Mining on multiple cards - T -Rex


I have some problems while trying to dual mining with T-rex
I have 2x 3060Ti, 1x 3070Ti rig (GPU0,1,2). All are LHR VGA’s
In normal/simple mining the rig has (146MHs) 44, 44, 58 MHs on ETH, or (316MHs) 80, 80, 156 MHs on ERG.

While the rig has the dual mining, the hashrate is very low. Not reaches the base numbers neither.
On ETH 9, 8, 18 MHs. Total 35 MHs.
On ERG 7, 7, 11 MHs. Total 25 MHs.

Is there any advice what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance for the helping!

Может быть дело в схожести алгоритмов и работе майнера с ними… Попробуйте ETH + RVN или ERG + RVN. Или что-то похожее.