L3+ Control FAN Speed

Yo Guys,

how to control FAN Speed with the HIVE OS Firmware? If i set it inside the Miner, i only get rejected shares.


+1. This is a valid request.

How do I control fan speed on a L3+ from the.hiveos.farm ? I would like the fan speed to auto RPM+ when temperatures increase and auto RPM- as temperatures decrease. Right now, my fans are at 40% or so and my temperatures are high as my machines are in a hotter than usual room at the moment. Would be nice if my fans ran at a higher % when temperatures are hot during the day and lower RPM at night.

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I agree. It would be nice to set a target temp and then the firmware throtles the fans to keep that temp stable. I have seen this feature on other L3+ firmware, so it shouldn’t be that hard.