Latest XMRig-AMD integration



Hello @HaloGenius are you aware of when the latest XMRig-AMD will be included, 2 forks have happened recently which only XMRig has supported being GRAFT and XCASH.



Check update 0.6-22@190307 with XMRig/XMRig-AMD/XMRig-NVidia 2.14.0


Thanks @HaloGenius its much appreciated


What hashrates can be expected per RX580 on cn/double? I am getting pretty low numbers, and miner isn’t even showing hashrates for 10s updates… Hive also isn’t getting any numbers to display them?!?


I get same hashrate as cryptonight fast


I had to tweak gpu settings - changed mem chunk from 16 to 2. Now I’m getting 460 h/s per GPU (2 threads).