Load average is high


Hello everyone,
I am running 7 rigs in my farm–consisting of Nvida of 4 1060 6GN and 3 1070 ti --each rig has the same brand card, Mining Raven–The issue that I have is on one of the rigs–a 8 gpu 1070ti rig I am getting the LA–and at times the green box turns red–if I click on it it turns back to the green.
been that way for a week. Temps are fine 57-62c–fan at 55%.youporn.wiki/ xhamster.vip/
Last night the 8 gpu–1060 6GB–did the same but went to the blank red box–and went off line–did a reboot --same issue–so I switched the rig to my windows–and the miner was fine in the same pool. Using Enemy 1.17 drivers are 390.59–on all rigs. Amy ideas would be most helpful–thank you…


Raven fluctuates depending on the algo running. Load average spiking at times is normal on this coin. It would be nice to know what improves it however, better cpu, more ram?