Load average problems on my antminer l3

my antminer l3 presents a high load average around 4 or 4.5, I would like to know why this is due and what could I improve so that this does not happen, I overlocked it to 616 mhs

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Same for me! Overclocked or not. I have a similar load average at 504 MH/s. It look like Hive on ASIC take more CPU than the Basic Antminer OS.


Same here ! I don’t know how to resolve this issue !

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Same! I have three L3+'s running the base OC profile of 504MH/s (haven’t even really dabbled w/ cranking them quite yet). I get the Load Average on all of them, it comes & goes, sometimes into the 3’s and 4’s. How can we fix this @Hive_OS_admin ??

Experiencing the same thing with both L3+ and L3++. It seems completely independent of config.

Looking at System > Monitor (top), it looks like it’s /usr/bin/cgminer taking up all the resources. %VSZ = 104%, and %CPU = 42%.