Lolminer 1.30 unlock RTX 3060 42-50 hashrate

Hey guys I already unlock RTX 3060 hashrate can to be (42-48)


Wow! how is that possible? my 3060s still don’t get higher than 37MHs. Did you do something different?

are your 3060s on risers?

Yes bro RTX 3600 on riser

hm cant reach. how you have set in bios? gen 2 ?

Can you be any more specific about your set up that you are able to get that much hash rate? Brand, firmware/bios?


Appreciate if you could share more information on how to achieve this? Fan glitch? Or just normal upgrade the lolminer?

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My previous attempts at fan glitch have been unsuccessful. Once lolminer is updated to 1.30 and then set overclock core 1300, mem 2300 PL 115 it will succeed.

5 RTX 3060 can reach hashrate (235-250)

Dame mas datos, hice todo lo que dijiste y solo me da 23MH/s volvi a windows de nuevo pero quiero irme de ahi

Similar to megasotroner, When I tweak speed, MH only go down. Do you do anything like reboot? Can you share image of summary from lolminer, similar to below?

Some on youtube saying to use a HDMI dummy plug

Nope, dummy plugs are not working on linux pcie 1x. Maybe in 8x or 16x mode bud not on 1x.

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will any of this work on a 3060ti?

im using t-rex but i still cant get 37.
would you please tell me what is your adjustment or OC?

This thread is “Lolminer 1.30 unlock RTX 3060 42-50 hashrate” so pabloosolo is using lolminer no T-rex. T-rex is not able to catch 37MHs

My motherboard is 12 slots ( 1 x16 PCIE, other slots is x1 PCIE ) GPU with risers

Use Hive OS ( Lixus )

Minning software: Lolminer 1.30
Pool: Hiveon

OC Setting : Core 1300-1400, Mem 2200-2300, PL 115

Minning result can reach to hashrate ( 42-50 )

lolminer 1.30 is not stable yet, after 8-9 hours of mining, it will reboot😓

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I’ve had the same problem with it rebooting , too. :frowning:

With the image I shared of the summary previously. It was stable for a fairly long time. But I’ve also had where it for some reason it exaggerates the reported MH on GPU 7 because of some glitch. It can be seen the summary image below.

In my limited experience with lolminer and looking at this summary (and previous one I posted) the pool hash rate seems to even out after a few hours to be within a couple MH of the reported. If I was getting the same thing as image that you shared last, I would question if the reported hash rate is accurate or not.

I don´t know but in telegram of Lolminer, they said this

So what’s the conclusion? What kind of hashrate you can get with the latest lolminer when you don’t mess with the clocks while mining? With previous lolminer I was able to reach 35 MH/s.

I would get that glitch like in the image above for GPU 7 from a reboot and no OC change. I get the impression that Tankcortiz isn’t playing with the OC each time his rig reboots, but he will have to let us know.