Loosing Connection (for 5-15Minutes) sometimes or Powerissues?

Hey :slight_smile:

I have on my Rigs these problems with the Internet i think??

i have 3 different rigs all of them have the same issue , sometimes it
lose the connection at midnight every 10minutes for 5-15minutes.
All rigs are connected from the Internet Router to TP-LINK LAN ADAPTER
and from there to the rigs :slight_smile:
Powered by RM850 Corsair (2x)

any ideas ?

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This has nothing to do with your internet connection

This has to do with communication problem between your rig and Hive servers, that collect data

I feell that the more time goes, the more gaps are large or even we get difficulties to load those pages

All my rigs are randomly showing offline. Yet the pool shows no interruptions in mining or hashrate. I didn’t notice it until about 4hrs ago. No amount of intervention on my part has helped, including shutting down the rigs, letting them set and restarting them. The console shows mining activity and they’re all running even though the hiveos farm says they’re not. Guess I’ll just ignore hiveos until they push another update.

Since I’m not using hiveos pools, they definitely are not stealing my hashing power. Screenshot proves that.

The servers from api.hiveos.farm farm and are returning gateway timeout.

All other ips are working well.

That screenshot proves nothing. I don’t use HiveOn pool either, doesn’t mean they can’t redirect.

I’ve been monitoring this all day. I’ve lost no profit. If they were redirecting my mining efficiency would have dropped right off. No skips, no dips, no potato chips. Screenshots prove everything, LOL

Ok. If u say so.