Lost 2FA due to new phone


I got a new phone and was using Google Authenticator on my old phone. I can’t get my 2FA. I am now using Authy so this doesn’t happen again.
What can I do to get my 2FA reset (turned off). I have had the same issue on several Exchanges. Lesson Learnt.

Any help appreciated.



Send e-mail to support with following information to reset 2FA :

  • your login , name , email account in HiveOS (required)
  • number and names of rigs and wallet address in Wallets (main if several) (desirable)
  • Last external IP address and time of successful login (desirable)

If you do not know your IP address in this case, you can use one of the following free services:


what is the name of the e-mail?


Ohh sorry )))