Low hashrate 2060 super

GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC V2 (37.66MH max)

BIOS version I’ve tried thus far and still no love

GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC / 216523.rom

GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC V2
90.06.44.C0.1D / 224867.rom

KFA2 RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC / 216156.rom

KFA2 RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC V2
90.06.44.C0.1D / 223806.rom

90.06.44.C0.1D / 233054.rom

Beware of bios, my native is and I flash at for a 44mh report, and brick, as I don’t have an eprom recorder yet, I paid an assistance for repair

I got stable like that, the best I could. I’ll settle down until it’s time to flash hynix bios =|

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I had exactly the same problem, 37.30MH with Mem OC of 1150. One single MH beyond that and hashrate dropped. Until I found out the mem chips surounding the GPU are not in contact with the copper cooler, basically, they are just cooled by the air flow passing over them! A horrible design flaw. In may case, it’s a INNO3D. So I bought some thermal pad and put it on the chips. Even so, one of the mem chips row are so far form the copper, like 8mm, it’s impossible to make it be in contact with metal, see the picture.


In any case, after that I’ve been able to OC it up to 1600, though it only reaches 38.3MH. Setting the fan to highest revs increases the HR up to 39, so the problem is clearly the temperature of the memory, which is not the temp shown in HiveOS, that’s the GPU



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Hello, look, I got improvements here, higher MH and more stable, lower temperature and watts consumption, see if it helps you

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this my 2060s asus setting stable

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But man, your Ctemp is too high, isn’t it? Try to keep it at maximum 55º is the advice I see the most

I have moved to a place with good circulation now the temperature is good

KFA2 I haven’t won yet either. The hashrate is limited only when mining Ethereum. On other algorithms, the card works as it should.
Most recent BIOS on the list that you tried, is it a reference or from Inno3D?

I am also experiencing this same problem, and I have the same BIOS version.

Try same settings as me, try with high pl

Hola tengo un caso parecido con una 2060s como lograste subir la potencia mhs, si es el procesador que influye en el OC ?

Processor does not influence

Hello Marcio, I ended up selling this 2060s, because I couldn’t solve this problem. I put a 1080 TI in its place, I’m quite satisfied so far. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

hello, pls share your driver version on GPU.
cuase my 3060ti heshrates too low around 43-46 mh

I saw that the ones with Samsung memory can go to 48 MHs → The best card for mining? nVidia 2060 super is just amazing! - YouTube
Sadly, Micron is limited to 42 (best case scenario).

what do you think ?

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I have GALAX RTX 2060 Super with Micron memories, I tried tons of combinations and couldn’t go further of 37,5 MHs in Hive and 38,5 MHs in Windows (with afterburner). But I always tried 130 Power Limit and different values in Memory and Core, the GPU always draws around 90 W.
Then I tried what MarcioS suggested and used 180+ PL, and that makes the trick. It seems that with a low PL the GPU is unable to draw more power so you are limited to use higher Memory values. The max factory PL for my card is 200W so I think not going further than that may be safe. Anyway now the GPU is mining 42,2 MHS and using 112W, it never reaches the PL value.
My actual overclocking in HiveOS is:
Core: ​-400
Memory: 1800
Power Limit: 190
MHs: 42,2

May be that playing a bit with this values I can get some extra MHs, but increasing the PL makes the huge difference.

The information in this post was very useful, thank you all !

Привет тебе и всем владельцам 2060 супер )
Решил проблему малого значение настройкой напряжения открыл настройки Курвы) и выставил напряжение 1100 все линии , значение памяти +1250 , повер лимит 114
и с 38 стало 44

How did you do that?