Low hashrate for rx580 xfx (23m/h)

hello I have an rx580 graphics card brand xfx
I started today but no matter how hard I tried, I did not get more than 23 m / h .
I already had a rx580 gigabyte and I did not have this problem with them .
I tried a few overclocking lists but 23m / h was the maximum hashrate I received .
I am currently receiving 22m / h without overclocking
please help

Tried badly


Try dpm 1, core 1150, memory 2200

try 1257 mhz, 1, 970mV, 2270 mhz, that should push you up to 30mh

I get one for 29M and another is 26M after more than 2 weeks try.

If I use an Chinese miner tool from http://www.qskg.top and get both more than 30M easily. but the oc parameters cannot be used on HiveOS because it will be more power consumption and low hashrate on hiveOS.

Who can tell how to get 30M on HiveOS? :worried: Is there any deep parameters on tools from qskg.top can get to compare?

Try this