Low Payout

Anyone else notice payouts are dropping like crazy ??? something isnt right.

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I noticed it also, my chart looks identical to yours and is the same also with a friends mining account on Hiveos

yeah i checked a friends also dropping like crazy im getting like almost no pay

Такая же песня! hiveon.net|690x410
Что делать?

Hello HIVEOS things arent adding up

Same to me. Other pools are not affected?!

It’s getting worse!

Seeing the same issue on my end. I came to HiveOn pool from another pool because this crap was happening. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Same Southbound curve. Was about to change to another pool, when I read what
@ForgottenNavigator wrote
My performance is still the same, and the Network Hashrate hasn’t changed, so I don’t know what’s going on.

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No, that’s referring to stuff that was happening back in May. I don’t know what’s happening with other pools at this time.

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is happening to me too… someone on other pool notice the same drop?

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I am also experiencing this, only getting half my expected earnings

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Uploading mine as well. I’m concerned because I just saw a post about a payout delay. Is HiveOn compromised? Are they skimming?

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Try to write emails to the support


I saw this on the hiveon pool support (English) telegram channel. Hopefully, they will resolve it and I hope as they said, our mining will not be affected.


Hey, HiveOs, What’s going on there? Why our earnings dropped dramatically?
Someone is stealing our earnings?!!!

Your pool statitstics shows daily earning should be more than $10 per 100 MH.
I^ve 2.07 GH rig. It should earn et least $200 daily but in reality it’s too low (below $80 daily)?
Is someone stealing our nmoney?!!!

Granted there’s a lot of noise in my calculations but I track estimated vs actual profit daily. The values usually track within 5% of each other, over the last 12 hours actual income has fallen 30%.

I sincerely hope that they are being honest about it not actually affecting mining, but my past experiences on a different pool has darkened my perceptions significantly.


I’ve noticed the same. HiveOn had a payout calculation error circa Aug 23rd and they proactively corrected it with a refund. Note that the amount was small and I probably wouldn’t have noticed, my point being that they corrected it and probably could have let it slide. Would expect that they will correct this error too as it’s significant (45-55% payout decrease).

this stat is a complete lie
i got a 500M/H rig >“never”< got over 38$/day on hiveos

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