Low real time hashrate vs reportted hashrate

I often get a low real time hashrate vs the reported hashrate what could be the cause of this? If have little invalid shares and around 2,32 stale shares.

Ignore the inactive worker, I decided to try out split mining with team red and t-rex miner and gave an extention to my nvidia card. I switched back to phoenixminer so the inactive worker can be ignored.

See screenshot:

Hi Ceromax,

I have done a lot of digging around to find the same answer you are looking for. From what i have read in posts and chats with Admin would lead me to believe the low hash rate for ‘Realtime’ is down to the difficulty of the blocks so the rate will go up and down, the same reason you can see the graphs going up and down.

However if anyone can confirm or deny my above statement that would be really helpful.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

if u check pool regulary, sometimes your realtime is much higher than reported and other way around, i usually watch that my reported is close as possible to mean, that indicates efficent mining rig, if your reported is way higher than mean, like after 24hrs of stable hashing, your rig oc is too high and your pushing your cards without any real life benefits.

Thanks, that makes sense. My rig is in a specially designed trolley so that I can move it around. In the daytime it’s in the bedroom, and in the nighttime in the hallway. But I have to inplug it and replug it everyday. That means ~3 min downtime daily in the morning and the evening. Suppose that doesn’t help with stabilizing hashrates.