Mb biostar tb 360-btc pro

I have a problem that the matherboard does not work more than 7 cards, the first row is running, but the other row is not running, even though I’m plugging all the power cables.

you have 2 PSUs right? do they have a splitter to be connected at the same time to the 24 pin on mobo? Also are you sure you powered all the mobo power connectors ? they are like 5-6 or something.

Hi, i’m using this mobo too and having the same issue, i dont use a splitter tho, this mobo has 2 24pin ports for diffrent PSU, and also 2ports of 6pin pcie power and i have connected both
anyone use this mobo as well and have succeed to use all 12 gpu on it?

really appreciate any help, thanks

get a splitter and power all the power ports.

so, do you mean instead of plugging both of 24pin atx power directly to the mobo, use a splitter and just plug in 1 24pin atx power??
i’m still new to this, just want to messed up since the first time, thank you very much for your response

ah sorry i didnt check the board. it has 2 24pins so, no need of splitter.
here check this out and read on

i see, will check it, thanks

Did you get the solution . I am facing same prob.

Yes, I changed the motherboard because it is bad

i managed to get 9gpu detected after plugging them one by one and changing position of pcie port numerous times whenever it’s not detected, and disbaled LAN network stack and disconnecting LAN cable before it boot to hive OS, once it booted to hive, i plug it back

changed with different brand/type or same?

I have 12 2060s. Trying to connect one by one. You are right @mrezza in some of 1x pcie slots it doesn’t work.
Dont know what to do.