Miner keeps dropping hashrate to zero

Hello everyone!
I recently joined the Hive community. I just started my mining rig back up again after taking a break for a few years and just getting back into things again. I am currently just running 1 GTX 1060 6GB until I can get my hands on some RTX 3070’s (any help finding those cards under $1300 would be nice).
I am having issues with my rig dropping to 0 hashrate after about an hour of mining on ethermine. I am able to get 20Mh/s consistently for about an hour then it drops to 0 and I have to reboot the rig to get the hashrate back up to full speed. I’ve done this process dozens of times now.
Any idea on what may be causing this?
Thank you all for your help.

  • Tyler

did u overclocked it? if so try defeult settings if it mines without problem that means your overclock settings are not right change it with different settings. Regards