Mining BitcoinZ via new Algo Equihash 144_5


I see that HiveOS 5.60 includes the ewbf 0.2 miner to allow for the fork with equihash 144/5, 192/7. Has anyone got this to work as yet, as I am still getting rejected shares. I have selected the new Miner For 0.2 and selected Equihash 144_5 as the Hash algo but it fails with rejected shares. I have even tried adding --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ but still does not work.

Any ideas ?


Actually this problem only appears to be on 2Miners but not on another pool, so I will contact them for support


for mining BTCZ you need put additional arguments
pers BitcoinZ


Yes HaloG thanks…Your correct pers BitcoinZ is the fix.

No need for the – before pers on HiveOS