Mobo cant se GPUs

Hello guys,
i ran into a huge trouble. It all started when i tried to flash different bios version on my 1660super i am currently mining on. I flashed it succesfully, but when i plugged it in, problems with cuda and others appeared. Then there was problem with my 1660Ti which caused shutdown couple times. After some time, i managed to succesfully mine on that flashed 1660super. After another reboot, mobo stopped seeing any GPUs in any slot. All used GPUs are working fine, I tried them on another rig where there was no problem.
Anybody has an idea what might happened? I tried to reset mobos bios, put out and back in mobo battery, nothing helped. Last think that comes to my mind is some hardware issue with mobo. I also reinstalled HiveOS on SSD.
I appreciate any idea, thanks…

My mobo is BTC D37