Most efficient AMD Mining Cards for Ethash

Hey Guys,

i want to start a big Thread about the Topic what kind of AMD GPU ist the most efficient?

Maybe a lot of Guys looking for the MAX Hashrate, but im looking for most efficient, less energy Consumption for a better World :smiley:

For me atm its the 5700 XT Model used in TeamRedMiner B-Mode

Im excited about your results :slight_smile:

Have a nice Mining Day


If you start a big thread about this, then you should also be the first to share results instead of expecting everyone else sharing results.
Maybe start with why you like that 5700XT so much; e.g. what’s the wattage/hashrate ratio? What did you compare it with? …
For example, I get these WHr’s (lower=better):
GTX 1070: ~4
GTX 1080ti: ~3.6
RX580 Samsung: ~2.3
Vega 56 Hynix: ~2.4
Vega 56 Samsung: ~2.4
Vega 56 Gigabyte: ~3.3
Vega 64: ~2.6

I really didn´t expect that everybody has to show results here. This should just be an Collection of Results.

With my Rig i get 366,9 Mhs per 582 Watts, so i have 0,63 MHs/W what i think is a fantastic result.

I´ve addes my Configuration in Hiveos :slight_smile:

this is not my final version, im still on finetuning for the Maximum of efficiency.