My 1660 Ti Settings

Hello, I’m new here and also to mining… started few days ago :slight_smile:

I saw the Red Panda Mining video about the absolute core clock feature and start tweaking mines with it. I haven’t seeing anyone using 950 absolute core clock in a 1660Ti, I think this number is giving me excellent results, power comsuption dropped a lot, strange thing is that if I go with less or more on the core, the hash rate goes down by a bit. Can anyone with some 1660 Ti can test these settings please. I would really like to see others results.

Also, what do you think about my mem clocks? is 1980 too much? These are Micron memories. The rigs are completly stable with just one invalid share in three days.

My video cards are MSI Gaming X model. They are in a cold place with good temps, but I really don’t want to damage them, thats why I’m asking. My mining rig is not here yet so they are working on four mother boards :sweat_smile:

Thanks for help, regars!

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I tried with 800 as core clock and I got a little bit more hashrate

Happy mining bro



Some of mines can go lower too, those that use less watts. I think your memories are doing the difference at 2200, I don’t want to push mines too far hehe.

GL bro!

3 months and no problems. Stable work.

Dude, try absolute core clock, you will get a litttle bit more hash and better power comsuption :wink:

800 to 1000 on the core clock, GL!

I could confirm both of your results and also experimened a bit of mixed results.

Finding core800 mem2000 pl75 to produce stable close to 31.1MH/s

I think I’ll roll with that to save up a bit on my memory

Might want to try out what I have. These are the max I can achive that’s 100% stable and running for a few days. 0-1% stale shares. Let me know if it helped you guys.

Below 70w per GPU For my TI’s and under 80w for my Supers.

My best results with my Micron 1660 Ti is also with Core 930. I can run mem at 2290 (this is the absolute maximum I can get them to run without any problems). Hashrate is 31.74 Mh/s like yours.