Nanopool not reporting hashrate


I started using hiveos yesterday and setup dual mining with claymore. I struggled getting decred to report on supernova but eventually solved it.

However, ethereum mining on nanopool hashes successfully, my shares are accepted, hive reports everything is ok, but when visiting nanopool, neither my workers are present, nor is my hashrate reported.

I basically copy pasted the ethereum wallet setup from one of the examples provided for nanopool, obviously with my address and info.


Same here and for a friend too not using HiveOS, so it’s not a HIveOS configuration problem. As long as you have accepted shares on nanopool you should not worry, probably a problem with 1 of their database


That’s what I thought, but my other miners on Windows were reporting just fine. I just don’t want to spend 100$ in electric until the next payment if it never comes


re-copy pasted the following and now I see the stats…been mining for a day to who knows where :frowning:



some issue with nanopool web interface
don’t worry


Hi, is some one fix problem with 0 Last Reported Hashrate, everything rest work ok


ok find, incorrectly entered wallet,…