Nanopool XMR payout password

I’m trying to change my payout level on Nanopool. They require this template %WAL%/%WORKER_NAME%/%EMAIL% which uses the email address for settings password.

Where and how do I add my email address? I’ve tried a few different ways and can’t make it work.


According Nanopool help centre template is YOUR_XMR_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER/YOUR_EMAIL
In Hive OS term is represented as
%WAL% - your XMR wallet
%WORKER_NAME% - rig’s name

There no email field so you need to add it manually
like this

That got it, and its probably the only thing I didn’t try. I didnt know I could edit the template string.

Thanks for the help.


let me simplify for you:

  1. use nanominer
  2. use this
    Extra config arguments: (note no spaces inbetween is key)