Nbminer Device 0: LHR Lock detected 1, wait to unlock error


I build 2 rigs in the exact same configuration. 6x RTX3080 LHR attached with risers on a MSI B450-A Pro Max motherboard. PSU is a 1800W Mining PSU, no adaptors. One of the rigs ist just running fine. With the other i get this error.

nbminer Device 0: LHR Lock detected 1, wait to unlock

The hashrate for the cards sinks down. After 30sec its activated again and Mining is stating. Than after 30sec again this error. I changed the GPU, changes the risers, changes, the motherboard, changed the RAM, changed the CPU. Nothing worked. Still the same error. I found nothing about this error in the web. Can someone help me and knew how to fix this problem? When I unplug the GPU its running fine without any errors. So I thaught the GPU is bad, but a new GPU has the same problem.

i’m getting the same error, did you fixed it?

I also getting the same error. I dont know if it has something to do with lower the overclock settings?

Hope someone helps out soon.

Memory clock less by 100 on Windows should solve the problem with …“LHR lock detected, wait to unlock” . Just less mem.

Got the same problem… any solutions?? Thanks.