[need help] GPU hung detected!MY mining rig show this warning very often

my new set up ,

GPU: 2 asus 3090 strix,2 asus 3080 strix,2 gigabyte 3070,


PSU:2 1200w corsair

problem:it frequently stop mining with this warning.

i have tryed:1) replace a new motherboard(normal board z370)

2)try a new spliter,but it still not working

3)updating OS(210403) and GPU(465.27) driver

Is your PSU, try adding another 850. You can join them with this Amazon.com

link for 850: Amazon.com

You should run Power supply at max 80%

@wongsiufool hi have you fixed this issue? if yes what you have done and what was the problem im also in same problem please help me what to do

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Did you fix bro ?

I have the same problem. I’m running 4 3060ti LHR and after like 10 mins running fine. I keep getting “GPU 1 hung detected.”
Any ideas guys?