New Miner Scalability


I love Hive. It does so much more for me than just let me mine. It helps me quickly discover available pools for new coins, which miners are compatible, and more. I’d like to see the team introduce a way to better scale the availability of new miners to be able to use the latest versions of miners as quickly as possible. Here is a scenario that I’m facing right now. Gminer has a new release that fixes 150/5 equihash mining on nicehash. It’s currently the most profitable algo to mine with on nicehash. However, I can’t use it yet because I have to wait for the hive team to add support for it. I’d love for the team to be able to decentralize this and I’m sure the team would appreciate not having to constantly chase the latest versions that the community is asking for.

Here is the challenge: Is there a way to automate the creation of a custom package? For example, paste a link to a new tarball and have it wrap the HiveOS hooks necessary to install and run. Maybe capture any metadata from the user that could help this work.