No AMD GPUs found as: sys/class/drm/card*/device/pp-table


HIVEOS does not hash RX470 8GB cards. Root level reports: No AMD GPUs found as: sys/class/drm/card*/device/pp-table. I checked system and the file/directory pp-table does not exist? Do you know how to get this table made and put into sys so cards will be recognized for HIVEOS to start hashing? It does say: 0 01:02.0 Radeon RX470 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0) and 0 03:00.0 Radeon RX470 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)? HIVEOS reports GPU 0 / GPU 1 missing unit and LA: High load avg.
I do not know how to fix these thing? Sunney


Create ticket to support via email


I am running more than one RX470 ME 8GB and they are working flawlessly on HiveOS.

I would suggest you put back original ROM (if you have flashed them), start with very moderate OC settings, and check if they will start hashin. From that point on - you can try to achieve better values - and those cards can do some good hashrates…