NO GPU displayed

I downloaded the default ISO hive image & created boot disk

booted fine - but NO GPU displayed
[gpu power lights are on - but fans are not running]

I have RX 580 & Nvidia 3070 on motherboard (using BTC-37 8 gpu motherboard)

Is there any BIOS settings?
Is there any GPU drivers to be added to image?

Please advice.

Usually the reason is the raisers or a powercable missing…

Is the Raisers properly pressed down in the PCI-E slots?
Is the cables attached properly to the Raiser cards?
Is it connected a power cable to the Raiser card?
If it connected power to the display card?
Has both PSU’s power? And is on?

If you boot into windows. Will the GPU’s appear there? If not it is a hardware connection problem. If not it is a software issue.

When starting HiveOs. Command line screen. Is there no GPU’s listed there?

Linux command:
gpu-detect list

Is it empty? If so then HiveOs does not detect GPU… If it does, it is a setup with the Miner.

If miner setup, check it has a valid and running flightpath. Then check the miner logs what happend.

Some miners ignorr the cards not compatible. So verify the miner works with your GPU… Or it will not detect the GPU…

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Thanks Dear!

Actually you reply helped me Solve the problem

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Cool motherboard!

Trying this one now. A little hassle with screens having to be on the display card. But works great now and all are stable. And fits in one of the “card” places… So small :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. I have 2 GPU (3070). I have bought last week my second 3070.
At first, the second GPU was seen on my motherboard and/or riser. But when I inserted 2 cards into the motherboard, HIVEOS couldn’t see the second card I bought. Then, when it came to updating to HIVEOS, the motherboard stopped seeing the second card. I am really confused.
My motherboard gigabyte H410m S2H.

i got 5 gpu rtx 3060 ti lhr. and 1 of my gpu not listed on mobo mining , i try to alll slot pcie still same, but when i put this card on my pc its detected !! iam confused