Not connected to, Win 10 works on Net, HiveOs not

My rig is not connected to, strange that Win 10 works on Net, HiveOs not.


I am new on HiveOS and for three days I have been unsuccessfully trying to run a small mining rig with 3 GPUs.
Simply can be said that the internet is connected to the rig but when loading a program HiveOS it always ends with the Error connecting to Hive server The given remote host was not resolved.

I tried all possible tests and tips from the knowledge base, for example:
“ping” to check if hive server is reachable
“mtr” to check if the network has any packet loss
“time curl
for i in {1…10}; do time curl -s > /dev/null; done
When I run on the rig Windows 10 so I can load the websites, and I can work with the command line, see photos.
When I run on the rig Hiveos so still is reported that there is not connection to the Internet, and system does not connect to
I shot everything, so please check the pictures and let me know what to do.


According your screenshots Hive couldn’t detect your Network adapter

Try lspci first