Not Getting Raptoreum Payout

HiveOs has been paying out Raptoreum every four hours. Havent gotten a payout since today at 9:43am. Should of had one at 2:00pm and 6:00pm and nothing. Anyone one else not getting payouts?

hive doesnt have a raptoreum pool, you should check with whatever pool you are using for more info

It will depend on the pool that you are using to farm RTM. Go to their pool page and see what the min payout is, some have it at one and some at 100 or higher. Then it will tell you how often they pay out. Took me about 24hrs after changing pools to see a payout in my Zelcore wallet.

I am having the same issue. Got my first couple of payouts, and now nothing for days… Mining to rplant → zelcore

this would be something youd need to look at your rplant dashboard to answer, not anything in hive.

Unfortunately that only shows the 2 transactions that i CAN see in Zelcore… makes me wonder where all the rest went. lol

if your pool doesnt show more than 2 transactions what makes you think theres more than 2 transactions?

because those both happened within 24 hours, and then nothing in the last 72+… first time venturing out into CPU mining, so could be i am just a n00b and expecting too much. :slight_smile:

and have you met the payout threshold?

Easily… Gonna try another pool see if it is me, or something else.

whats your wallet address? or can you post a screenshot of your dashboard?

hey. if u are with rplant they pay PROP, so u get payouts when pool finds a block. I would recommend another pool that do PPLNS meaning they pay for shares you have submitted.

look options here

Good luck