Nvidia 1070 28,48MH/s


anyone gets better results with gtx 1070?

That is almost exactly what I had for my 1070’s and 28MH is about the top. The card ran warm for me, but never over 59c.

Around the same results here too:

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Thats nice to hear, thanks guys.

And isnt there an option to flash its BIOS to improve performance further?

If there are no issues I wouldn’t bother to mess with bioses. Performance-wise I do not see reason to flash.

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Okay then. I will leave it like this for now. Thank you

Similar results as everyone else. The weird thing is that I can get ~32 if its mining by itself

Would you share your settings please for the 1070?

But hashrate dropped to 27,72 mhs dunno why.

Can you share your settings for the 580 cards you have

All AMD cards are moded in polarisbioseditor.