Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti ETH Performance [ALL Versions Topic]

Hi Guys!

So i have Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Eagle OC version from about 3 days. Best results that I was able to achieve is 60.30 - 60.70 MH/s on this settings:

CORE: -500
MEM: 2150
Drivers: 455.45.01
Miner: PhoenixMiner 5.3b
HIVEOS : 0.6-179@201206
Mixed RIG with Radeon RX 5700 XT

My observations:

  • eagle version have only TWO fan so this card is generally hot
  • temp above 50°+ C have significant bad inpact on performance & stability
  • still can’t get this model running without bad shares time to time
  • increasing POWER LIMIT causing temperature rise significantly

I’m new with Nvidia minig so I have an question:

  • Is it possible to view MEM temperatures? Is this information s blocked by nvidia by some way?

Please share Your experience with brand new 3060 Ti :slight_smile:


lower your memory clock . I got a lot of rejected share … 1900 is a good .

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After 5 days of testing I have stable settings almost without rejected shares (only 5 RShares through 5 days) :

CORE: -500
MEM: 2150
PL: 117 (115 was too low)

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I have Zotac version and i can’t work without R and I (I have 90% ratio :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). What drivers version do you have? i don’t know what more to do…

I have:
CORE -500
MEM 2100
PL 120

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Im using 455.45.01 drivers.
Temperatures are around 45-49 C.

In first I wasn’t able to mine in stable way, and I figured out that was because of risers (blue). Right now I’m using those with white color of board like below on the picture:

u think is raisers fault…? to get stable i have MEM 1900 and 59,40 MH… i would like to get a bit higher…:smiley:

It’s strange but when I switch back to the blue riser (old), bad & invalid shares also back. So yes I think the riser is the answer. At least in my case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Riser or what i would guess the combinantion of Riser and PSU. I would guess if you plug in a RX 480/580 you will not have problems cause they take much less Power. I measured some GPUs and found out if you overclock also the Power that the Riser takes goes up. The blue Risers was build for a generation of cards that take 70 - 120 Watt. The new RTX take double or more. And some PSU are also very unstable or lets say unacurate. If the cards starts to mine you can measure short drops in power at the risers.

So the interesting test would be taking a big solid PSU whith the old blue Risers and see if you get same errors.

So thanks for sharing this information.


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Hey all. I’m setup with 2x Nvidia 3060ti at the moment and pushing mem clock to 3000. Ran one all night with no invalid shares and just added the 2nd.

Checking my Nvidia X Server settings per this article, the max for the card is 6000. Am I missing something, and should I be concerned that the clock is too high?