Nvidia RTX 3070 LHR

I’ve got my hands on Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3070 rev 2.0 (LHR). I would like to share my experience with the card. To make Hiveos recognize the card Nvidia driver 465.27+ is required. I’ve been using 465.31. Miner t-rex v0.21.4.

Mining ETH:
OC: core: 1100, mem: 2600
Hashrate [MH]: ~33
Power [W]: 95
That was expected.

Mining RVN:
OC: core:1100, mem: 2000, PL 130
Hashrate [MH]: ~25
Power [W]: 130
The hash rate is normal and stable.

Mining ERG:
OC: core: 1700, mem 2500
Hashrate [MH]: ~85 - ~115
Power [W]: ~100 - ~140
Looks like ergo is also limited on these cards. The hash rate is very unstable. It starts mining with ~170, then drops to ~120 and then it’s fluctuating between ~85 - ~115. Power consumption is also fluctuating. I’ve also check nbminer and I’ve got the same results. No matter what I cannot make the hash rate stable and close to the non-LHR card.

If you have any experience with the cards please share.
If you have any suggestions on how to make the card stable please let me know.

you may refer to this thread

someone manages to get a stable 170 mh/s on erg with rtf 3070 lhr, and you may copy his oc setting