Nvidia Settings applied with errors

Im new to mining and as the title states I’m getting this error “nvtool failed by timeout error” or (exitcode=124) on 3 of my GPUs. I’m running 4 GTX 1060 6GBs(Will be 6 when I get more splitters) with an overclock of +150 core, +1200 Mem, and PL 90%.

Also my 4th GPU no longer shows up in hive idk what happened.

Running 460.56 drivers with an EVGA SC, Zotac AMP, PNY, and Gigabyte Windforce.

Any help is appreciated thank you

Try to changing the miner and downgrade the driver to the version 455.45.01 (more stable for old GPUs)

type on the command prompt: nvidia-driver-update -l (lower case L)

Here I also always stop the miner before applying any OC changes and then, after the change is done I restart the miner again

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Hi, I have the same issue but with the code exitcode=1.

I updated the driver on the version 455.45.01, but it changed nothing. The OC setting work randomly 2 days ago, but when I have to do a restart I lost it and it doesnt work since. I’m with 4 1070.
Help !