OC settings for AMD RX580


Да только ядра, рекомендую на память кроме эльпиды ставить 875, эльпида просит больше, и я не как не могу подобрать эталон т.к. не имею карт с такой памятью.


What are your OC settings to get 32.5mh/s
I have Radeon RX 580 8192M · XFX 8GB card
SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR 113-58085SHB1-W91


a bit different for Hynix memory. are your bios’s flashed?


Thanks i am getting 31.50 now and yes i flashed my bios.


Thank you @BiosEditor for sharing your AMD OC settings for RX580. Can you please share what is your total power consumption for this settings? How long it has been mining stable %100?

Thank you.


Hi . I have 5 AMD 7850 saphire 2 gb and I take an error like this : argument “–mem-clock” requires a parameters and under line this : Unable to read header from file ? Do you have a solution to fixit that


I think you have exceeded the minimum dag file memory requirement. 2gb gpu won’t be supported by many algorithms. Upgrade your gpu to a higher memory. Minimum of 4gb might stay with you for a while and then phase out again. I recommend 6-8 gb gpu. Good luck Mining.


Hi, Could you help me, what is the good oc settings, or what is the problem?

thank you


Which miner you are using claymore or ethminer?
You are getting rejected shares so i would decrease memory clock to 2100 to see if it gets better.


i use claymore. i try the 2100. thanks!


to be in a safe side , most rx480 cards memory is 2000
so i suggest to keep it 2000 and let it run for several hours, then increase by 50 and keep it running for several hours , till u see the best hashrate that doesn’t give errors


Thank you so much! i will try it!


Hi Leslie did you mod the GPU ?


Hi Peeps,

i did it, but not perfect. You have some solution?




Приветствую всех. Подскажите это нормально:

так определяются 5 карт RX580