OC settings for Nvidia 1080 GTX, dstm 0.6, ZEC mining



I got an ASUS B250 Mining Expert motherboard with 13 GXT 1080s running. Currently, I am using the following OC settings to mine ZEC using dstm:

MEM 650
FAN 80
PL 165

with the following dstm extra config:

If I run 12 cards I get around 565 sol/s per card on average and everything is stable. If I add the 13th card to the mix, however, I am getting errors after a few minutes of mining - either one or more cards stop mining at this stage but the rest are working OK.

My question is: Is anyone using a similar setup and found success - if so may I kindly ask you to provide any feedback around the OC settings mentioned above - am I completely off? I will try running the cards with stock settings in the meantime and gradually increase the OC to see at what stage I start hitting issues.

Thanks in advance,



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