Oc settings help for 1070/1080 mixed card rig

Hi everyone,

Been having trouble with my rig. I just added a 1080 to my 2 1070 rig with more varying cards on the way.

Overclocking hasn’t been an issue until I’ve tried running the ethpill for the 1080. Enabling the pill under just that card enables it under all cards in the oc settings for some reason.

Ok…so I check to see how to set the params in the eth pill, because for some reason if you turn it on for one card it turns on for all. Literally just put 0 in for device 0 (the 1080) and the rig ran for about 8 hours before crashing. I hadn’t even bothered to limit it’s power yet, as I wanted to minimize what could be causing issues.

It works fine with the two 1070s. It works fine with the 1080 alone. It works fine w/o the ethpill (1080 + 2x1070). With it, and the 0 param to make sure only it gets the pill it works for about 8 hours before crashing.

Thoughts anyone? Any and all help is appreciated.

My rig does the same thing.

i’m hoping someone can help find a workaround to this or tell me if im doing something wrong, because if the computer boots with the ethpill in the oc settings none of the nvidia cards work. They show 0 hash, but if I manually OC after they are already running it overclocks the 1080 properly.

Not sure if im making proper user of the params for the ethpill either.

Been running version 0.6-185@210111

Doesn’t seem to have the ETHPill issues. Newer versions might work for 12-48 hours but then it starts crashing. They always say they’ve fixed the issue in release notes but nope; so very wary to latch on to new releases as they can cause hours of downtime and troubleshooting.

Good to know, maybe i’ll try reverting to your build to see if that does it. Thank you.